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June 14, 2010

Map of the Salish Sea

Map of the Salish Sea & Surrounding Basin, Stefan Freelan, WWU, 2009

About the Series

The waters of Puget Sound, Georgia Strait and the Strait of Juan de Fuca define the natural boundaries of the maritime Pacific Northwest. Known collectively as the Salish Sea, it also defines the people who’ve lived in this place from centuries past to the present.

I’ve lived with the Salish Sea for nearly 24 years now. I’ve fished in it, kayaked on it, sailed on it, raised my kids on it. I’ve had close encounters with eagles and otters and herons and killer whales. I’ve paddled myself into a few dangerous situations and lived to tell the tale; and I’ve attended the funeral of a friend who didn’t. This amazing body of water – with all its many moods and seasons – has gotten deeply into my blood.

In this series, I travel all across the Salish Sea, from Olympia to Neah Bay to Campbell River and a lot of places in between, talking with people who have deep connections here: scientists, fishermen, artists, tribal members, waterfront property owners, aquaculturists and a lot more. They tell me their stories, they take me to their special spots, they share what this place has taught them. And we talk about the ways in which we help — and harm — these waters.

I’d love to hear from you about what you think about the series, and any suggestions about people I should meet and places I should go. Just drop me a line at